What's New in Version 7 of the

Maintenance Coordinator Software System


  • Added additional graphical themes and application skinning to help improve the overall appearance of the system.

  • Updated many of the controls used by the entire system.

  • Gave user move control over ‘Task Panels’ appearance.

  • Move Task regeneration routines to a new location for better memory management of the Maintenance Scheduler startup.

  • Updated the Completion Wizard features where you can now record completion comments, parts and labor used, along with the previously supported fields.

  • Added unlimited attachments support to the Scheduler module.

  • Added the ‘Assigned Manager’ field to the Maintenance Scheduler module.

  • Added new quick find routines to the ‘Data Quick Entry’ dialogs used throughout the system.

  • Enhanced support for barcode scanners and label printing.

  • Enhanced email support that support more secure email servers such as free gmail accounts.

  • Updated the built-in word processor to support additional image formats, allow opening and saving to the docx format and saving directly to the PDF format. Added the use of text boxes and more.

  • Added the 'Tasks Database' feature to the Maintenance Scheduler module where the user can build a database on work order tasks. These tasks can belong to an unlimited number of groups and can be inserted into the Instruction editor or directly in to a work order's instructions.

  • Added Fit-to-Page printing to the Project Planner where you can scale printed documents to fit X pages high by X pages wide.

  • Features added to the Reports Writer: Allow moving columns, Fit-to-Page printing, Additional export options, single click column sorting and allow hiding columns.

  • Features added to the Forms and Permits Designer: Added Fit-to-Page printing, Added cell merging, increased the support for more image formats (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, ico, tiff, tga, pcx), and also added additional exporting file types.

  • Added additional export file formats for Excel type reports used throughout the system (xml, xls, htm, txt, cvs).

  • Added a routine to allow editing group titles by right clicking on a group from one of the look up routines in the Parts and Contacts modules. You can also refresh the Group list by right clicking the list on the assignments tab.

  • Added new routines in the ‘Data Quick Entry’ dialog boxes to check for duplicate entries when adding new items.

  • New Startup menu that functions more like a Dashboard. Displays charts on the startup Dashboard and more.

  • Added unlimited attachments to the Parts and Inventory module.

  • Added unlimited links between assets in the Equipment module which can be used for main and sub-assembly relationships.

  • Added a link to a Parent asset, and allow setting an asset as a sub-assembly in the Equipment module.

  • Added unlimited attachments to the Equipment module.

  • Added new quick find routine to the ‘Meter Readings’ entry dialogs used in the Equipment module.

  • Added preview text boxes to the Equipment History log.

  • Added word-wrap abilities to the Equipment History log’s grid.

  • Updated the built-in word processor control to more closely match Word. Added additional formats and document zooming support.

  • Added the ability to edit Purchasing Faxes with the Text Editor.

  • Added unlimited links between contacts in the Contacts and Vendors module.

  • Added unlimited attachments to the Contacts and Vendors module.

  • Removed the ‘Auto Email’ module and moved its features to the Main Menu.

  • And more.


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