The Equipment and Machinery module is where you record information about your equipment, machinery and other assets. You can maintain such information as asset numbers, location, warranty information, leasing information, and more.


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The built in equipment notes and documents feature makes use of our built in word processor. Here you can record endless amounts of information and this word processor supports multiple fonts, colors, tables and more. With the Equipment Log feature you can keep a complete history on your equipment. This can include the date it was installed, maintenance performed, etc. This information can be entered manually, or by the click of a button from both the Maintenance Scheduler and Work Order modules.

Equipment can also be assigned to different properties or locations. This information can be setup to follow the asset when assigned to work orders. You can also setup default safety instructions for each of your assets. This information can then be automatically inserted into work orders when the equipment is assigned to it.


  • Maintain general equipment information

  • Built-in asset depreciation calculator

  • Assign to Properties, Clients, Accounts, and Classifications

  • Equipment Bill of Material Lists

  • Unlimited Linked Assets  (Parent and Sub-Assembly)

  • Barcode Labels and Scanning Support

  • Record Equipment meters or mileage.

  • User-Defined Fields

  • Built-in Equipment Log and Maintenance database

  • Include a picture of your asset

  • Track Leasing and Warranty Information

  • Separate note files attached to each record

  • Attach external files and documents

  • Maintain vehicle information

  • Assign Default Safety Instructions for Work Orders.

  • View all Work Orders Assigned to Equipment.

  • Unlimited User Defined fields and groups.

  • And more