Many organizations today neglect to track general and maintenance issues as they should. This is a very big mistake as this information is very valuable in improving production and the effectiveness of maintenance operations in whole. We felt this to be so important that the Maintenance Coordinator system contains 2 different methods of tracking issues. These are the Maintenance Issues and the General Issues modules. In reality these two modules are exactly the same - they are only sorted differently. The purpose of these modules is to give your maintenance and production personnel a means of reporting their issues and concerns, and to provide a way to keep on top of these problems.


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This ability of reporting and tracking issues contains numerous benefits. One benefit is that personnel that never lay eyes on each other can relay important information on things that occurred on their shifts.  Another, and even greater benefit can be found in pin pointing recurring and nagging issues. This feature will allow you to greatly improve your maintenance department’s effectiveness by knowing where to put your resources to work. This in turn will increase production numbers, and decrease downtime as issues are identified and then resolved. In reality, if use correctly the cost saving generated by this feature alone should more than pay for this entire software system many times over.

Another benefit of this module is in its use of Work Assignments. Not all organizations like to issue work orders for everyday type of issues, but still want a way to track this information. With the Issues module you can create both work orders or work assignments from issues. A work assignment is very close to a repair type of work order, but doesn't have to clog the work order system. It's an ideal way of dealing with issues as they arise. Where a work order may require additional planning to carry out.


  • Track issues by lines, mechanics, machines and details

  • Pinpoint problem areas

  • Predictive Maintenance Worksheet Report

  • Record the materials used to resolve issues

  • Turn issues into work assignment with just a couple of keystrokes

  • Create Work Orders from reported issues

  • Contains many built in reports

  • Track and report on Production counts

  • And more