This module allows you to track and record vital information about each of your mechanics and employees. You have the ability to track the standard information about the individuals along with emergency contact information, HR type information, their picture, and even maintain a training database. With the built in editor type file (Documents) that's attached to each record, you can record and track an endless amount of additional information.

Information from this module is also shared with the Work Orders and Scheduler modules. Here you access these records for resource assignments. You can also maintain a training database from within this module, tracking courses and certificates an employee has received, and when they're due for re-certification or new training.

  • Maintain general information

  • Maintain emergency contact information

  • Maintain HR type information

  • HR Calendar feature that supports editing and printing training, vacations, leaves and more.

  • Include a picture of the employee

  • Benefit Tracking.

  • Dependents Tracking.

  • Attach detailed notes to each record

  • Maintain Completed Training

  • Record termination information.

  • Report on Up Coming, Renewals, Training and Vacations.

  • Maintain other word processor type documents

  • User-Defined Fields

  • And more

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