Purchasing and Receiving Module

Use the Purchasing and Receiving module to buy and receive the goods needed to conduct everyday business. With this module you can create quotation requests, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders. You can track backorders, and even attach detailed files to your purchase records. With the 'Inventory Under Stock' feature, the program will create purchase requisitions for you and group them by suppliers.

The Purchasing and Receiving module features a paperless, e-mail based approval system. As new documents are created a notice of this new document is automatically e-mailed to your buyer. The buyer can then click a button to send a notice to the department manager who sends a notice to the plant manager, and so on. This feature will work with almost any e-mail server, including Outlook and Notes.


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This module also allows you to attach the current purchasing document to e-mails. It uses the popular PDF file type as the attachment type which almost any vendor can download a free reader for.  This allows for the easy retrieval of quotations and streamlines the actual ordering of items. There's even a built-in e-mail editor similar to Outlook for creating your own e-mail documents.

With this module you can also receive items that have been ordered. Items received not only updates the purchase documents but also updates inventory levels. As you very well must know, you can’t conduct business without buying the necessary items for production and other support functions. I do believe you’ll find that this module does not only perform this function well, but also in a simple and straight forward manner.


  • Create and print Quotation requests

  • Auto Requisitions from Under-stock reports

  • Semi-Auto Approval Routing System

  • Customize documents appearances.

  • Unlimited Price Comparisons

  • Attach Purchase Documents to Emails (PDF files)

  • Built-In Email Composer

  • Assign individual purchase items to their own accounts

  • Create Requisitions and Purchase orders

  • Contains a creation wizard.

  • Excellent Blanket PO Support

  •  Receive items and automatically update inventory

  •  Backorder reporting

  • Budgets and Budget reports

  • Receiving Reports

  • Purchasing report wizard for custom reporting

  • Vendor reports

  •  And more