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Sold separately or as part of the Professional Edition, this module brings Safety Management and Accident Prevention to your desktop. This module allows you to fully track and analyze incidents in your work place. The built-in charts and reports helps you pinpoint where recurring types of incidents occur, thereby assisting in the prevention of these issues.

This module has its own built-in scheduler for the automatic creation of recurring safety inspections. You can create your own inspection checklists, and have items arranged by groups or areas. You can also keep a summary of completed inspections in the database.

Worker compensation tracking is also supported, as with incident investigate reports by committee, injured, and witnesses.


  • Accident and incident documenting and reports

  • Safety Inspection lists creation

  • Safety Punch and To Do Lists

  • Create and Track Work Orders from Incidents and Punch List

  • Auto generation and scheduling of safety inspections

  • Build-in report wizards

  • Workers Compensation tracking and reporting

  • Examine Incidents with Report Wizards and Graphs