PM Coordinator


PM Coordinator is a compact but very powerful Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  This application is the ideal choice for any organization that requires a computerized maintenance system but doesn't require inventory control and purchasing. If you need these features, then we invite you to look at our Maintenance Coordinator applications. Maintenance Coordinator contains all the great features of PM Coordinator as well as 12 additional organizational modules such as Personal Manager, Reports and Graphics, and Contacts & Vendors!


With PM Coordinator, you receive the same powerful scheduler engine that is found in our Maintenance Coordinator CMMS. This powerful scheduler allows you to create both recurring and single shot types of work orders. To help ease with the creation process, we have included a Work Order Creation wizard. This wizard will guide you through the creation process and even provide highlighted hints as you move over controls. 

This versatile maintenance scheduler allows you to setup and reuse both work and safety instructions for recurring work orders. These tasks can also be set up to automatically regenerate themselves as needed. Completed work orders can have a summary of the task saved to the Equipment History database, which allows you to maintain a complete maintenance history on each of your assets. 

The Work and Requests Orders module is designed for the easy creation of Work Orders and Work Order Requests. The user can access 4 different work order types in the same window. The system coordinator can sort the database to view all newly created work requests, turning them into actual work orders, editing them,  denying them, or saving them for a later time. 

The Equipment and Assets section of the program allows you to maintain general information about each asset you are responsible for. You can attach a picture of your asset, record warranty information, and even calculate the asset’s depreciation with the built-in Asset Depreciation function.


The History Log section allows for manual entries of maintenance activities. It also allows for semi-automatic entries from completed work orders. 



The Mechanics and Employees section allows you to maintain information on another one of your assets, your maintenance personnel. Here, you can record general information such as address, position and so on. You can also record emergency contact information, and like the Equipment section, attach a picture of your mechanic. 

The Maintenance Documents section allows you to create and maintain a countless number of documents about your maintenance operations. These documents are arranged or categorized by groups that you set up. Supported are text documents, image documents or links to external documents. The text documents make use of the built in Word Processor which allows for many formatting tools such as tables, borders, spell checking and more. Linked documents can be almost any type of document which could include CAD drawings, images, word processor documents and more. 

Each section of the application also has its own set of Reports. Many of these reports use 'Report Wizards' which allows you to customize the returned data by the criteria of your choice. Some of the report export options include PDF, RTF, HTML and others. 

Afraid that you may need more power later on and worried about investing too much time on a system you may outgrow? We have that covered. PM Coordinator is fully upgradable to our Maintenance Coordinator series of applications. 

If you are looking for a good computerized maintenance management package with all the features needed to get the job done right,  look no further. The PM Coordinator system is your ideal choice, especially with the added safety net of never having to redo all of your hard work with a simple upgrade to Maintenance Coordinator in place if need be.

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