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PM Coordinator  CMMS

PM Coordinator is a compact but very powerful Maintenance Management System (CMMS).  This application is the ideal choice for any organization that requires a computerized maintenance system but doesn't require inventory control and purchasing. If you need these features, then we invite you to look at our Maintenance Coordinator applications. Maintenance Coordinator contains all the great features of PM Coordinator as well as 12 additional organizational modules such as Personal Manager, Reports and Graphics, and Contacts & Vendors!

Maintenance Coordinator Scheduer

Optimize your maintenance management with PM Coordinator, featuring a robust scheduler engine like our Maintenance Coordinator CMMS. Effortlessly create recurring and one-time work orders with our user-friendly Work Order Creation wizard that offers helpful tips during setup.

Maintain a comprehensive maintenance history of your assets by reusing work and safety instructions, and saving task summaries to the Equipment History database.

Streamline the creation and management of Work Orders and Requests with the Work and Requests Orders module, offering access to 4 different work order types in one interface.

Keep detailed information on your assets, including pictures, warranty info, and depreciation calculations, with the Equipment and Assets section. The History Log section provides a manual log of maintenance activities and semi-automated entries from completed work orders.

Discover the versatility and efficiency of PM Coordinator today.

Maintenance Coordinator Equiment and Assets Module

Easily manage your maintenance personnel with the Mechanics and Employees section of PM Coordinator. Store general information and emergency contacts, along with pictures of each employee.

Stay organized with the Maintenance Documents section, where you can create and categorize an unlimited number of documents about your maintenance operations. This includes text documents with built-in Word Processor tools, as well as links to external documents such as CAD drawings, images, and more.

Generate customizable reports with the Report Wizards in each section, which allow you to filter data based on your desired criteria. Reports can be exported in various formats, including PDF, RTF, and HTML.

Worried about outgrowing the system? PM Coordinator is fully upgradable to Maintenance Coordinator, so your hard work won't be wasted if you need more power in the future.

Choose PM Coordinator for a complete computerized maintenance management package with all the features you need to get the job done right.

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