Maintenance Coordinator

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If you’re in need of a world class, powerful, and extremely easy-to-use Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), then look no further. Our Maintenance Coordinator applications are designed not to just meet these requirements, but rather exceed them.

  • Powerful organizational capabilities 

  • Module design

    •  Allows us to enhance and grow the software according to user demand.

  • Customized solutions ​

    • Users are free to purchase only additional modules needed.

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 module buttons to see in-depth features!

Maintenance Coordinator – Standard Edition


This package is PM Coordinator's big brother. Designed to reflect features found in our competitors, it comes with its own unique advantages. This package allows you to:


  • Schedule recurring maintenance

  • Repair maintenance

  • Perform purchasing and inventory control activities

  • Maintain complete maintenance histories

  • Create custom reports

  • Much more

As you move through each module, you will see that one of our most useful features is our Auto-Email Feature. This feature allows you to automatically email a copy of work orders to those responsible for the work completion days prior to work start dates. When used in conjunction with Auto Recurring Work Orders, it’s like having an automatic work order system.

Maintenance Coordinator – Professional Edition


You get all the great features of the Standard Edition along with many other features you would normally have to shop for elsewhere. This package includes:

  • All of the Standard Edition's Features

  • Project planner

  •  HR Management

  • Tools Database

  • Training and Procedures Database

  • Issue Tracking and Handling

  • Forms and Permits

  • Barcode Reading and Hand-Held Devices

  • Report Writer

  • Safety Management

  • More

Feel free to click on the module buttons in the image found above to discover more details about individual modules in the system.

Optional Modules

With our optional Portable Devices module you can take Maintenance Coordinator on the road with you. With the database synchronization routines, it's easy to port your databases to connected or disconnected resources such as local, server, or cloud-based databases. This makes it a breeze to deploy Maintenance Coordinator to Windows tablets, laptops or other Windows Devices. This module also supports mobile barcode scanning devices and more.


Try it out for free today!

We invite you to experience these extraordinary systems first hand by downloading our Free Trial. We are convinced that once you try out these programs, you’re going to appreciate not only its effectiveness, but also its ease. The value our programs add to the organization of your maintenance department will be undeniable, making your operations more successful and efficient than ever. 

Minimum Requirements:

  Windows Windows 10 or newer

90 GB of RAM memory.

300 MB free Hard Disk Space.

We thank you for your interest in our products. Please give us a call if you have any questions or search for the answer on our FAQ page



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CMMS Brochure

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PM Coordinator also available 

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Use the following link to download both the Standard and Professional Editions of Maintenance Coordinator. This is the actual program that you can use for 30 days. Only minor limitations have been added such as no printing or exporting of data.