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PM Coordinator CMMS for the Small Business

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Alpha Simplicity Software Technologies PM Coordinator is a compact but powerful Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This application is the ideal choice for any organization that requires a computerized maintenance system but does not require inventory control and purchasing. If you need these features, then we invite you to look at our Maintenance Coordinator application.

Who would benefit by using PM Coordinator?

· Auto Repair Shops

· A/C Contractors

· Cleaning Services

· Machine Shops

· Restaurants

· Small Production Industries

· Farms

· Building Management Companies

· Fleet Maintenance Contractors

· Service Maintenance Contractors

· Mechanical Contractors

With PM Coordinator, you receive the same powerful scheduler engine that is found in our Maintenance Coordinator CMMS. This powerful scheduler allows you to create both recurring and single shot types of work orders. To help ease with the creation process, we have included a Work Order Creation wizard. This wizard will guide you through the creation process and even provide highlighted hints as you move over controls.

Work and Requests Orders module

The Work and Requests Orders module is designed for the easy creation of Work Orders and Work Order Requests. The user can access 4 different work order types in the same window. The system coordinator can sort the database to view all newly created work requests, turning them into actual work orders, editing them, denying them, or saving them for a later time.

Maintenance Scheduler

This efficient maintenance scheduler allows you to setup and reuse both work and safety instructions for recurring work orders. These tasks can also be set up to automatically regenerate themselves as needed.

Completed work orders can have a summary of the task saved to the Equipment History database, which allows you to maintain a complete maintenance history on each of your assets.

The Work Orders Planner

The Work Orders Planner allows you to keep track of schedules and maintenance times.

Configuration that can be used with the PM coordinator.

· Single user (Program and databases reside in one PC)

Multi users network license (Databases reside in a server or networked computer (Server) with several computers running PM Coordinator installed and connected to the SQL server data)

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