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Work Orders Module ICON

The Maintenance Coordinator System's Work Orders module offers a user-friendly solution for managing your standard types of work orders. With one screen and a single tab, creating a work request is quick and easy. You can even customize the main menu with just two buttons, and restrict user access to specific modules or even specific parts of those modules.

This module is particularly effective for managing work requests. When a new work order is entered, it is automatically assigned a status of work request. The administrator can then sort the database by work requests in the Scheduler module, and either approve and assign them as actual work orders, or deny them.

By offering granular control over user access and a streamlined interface, the Maintenance Coordinator System's Work Orders module is a powerful tool for efficient maintenance management. Try it today and streamline your work request process.

Work Request Module
  • Contains 7 work order types, 6 are user definable.

  • Designed for the easy creation and administration of work order requests

  • Easy to use reports

  • Convert work request into actual work orders

  • Assign resources and machines

  • Supports the use of Classification assignments

  • Uses the same database as the Maintenance Scheduler module

  • And more


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