This module was designed to only handle your standard types of work orders. These include 1 standard work order and 6 user definable types. Other design criteria focused on making it as user friendly as possible. In order to create a work request the normal user would only need to access the information on a single screen and a single tab.

The Maintenance Coordinator System can be setup so different users can be restricted from viewing or accessing different modules in the system. If you want a user to have rights to only one module (such as this one), this is  allowable. You can also limit a user's rights within modules they have been granted access to. Furthermore, you can also customize the main menu screen with as little as two buttons.

This module functions very nicely as a Work Requests module. As a user enters a new work order into the system it's assigned a status of work request. The administrator of the system can then enter this or the Scheduler module and have the database sorted by only work requests. The administrator can then either make assignments and turn a work request into an actual work order, or deny the request.

  • Contains 7 work order types, 6 are user definable.

  • Designed for the easy creation and administration of work order requests

  • Easy to use reports

  • Convert work request into actual work orders

  • Assign resources and machines

  • Supports the use of Classification assignments

  • Uses the same database as the Maintenance Scheduler module

  • And more